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Just another day!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011 / , ,


The other day, my bestriend and I went to the FreshKon office
for a focus group! :)

We were so excited that we were the first to arrive. 
Cool or what?!

Here's the indemnity form and the lenses we were going to try. 
Don't think I'm supposed to reveal what kind of lenses they allowed us to try
but it was definitely great experience! 

Bff signing the form and reading the terms and condition. 

After that we headed to Airport for lunch! 
Had Indian food. Yum!

Fried rice


Chicken Masala

Bff bought a new ring for herself!

We went shopping at Candy empire! 

Jellybeans, cookies, potato cheaps and chocolate bar!

Shared a mudcake from Secret Recipe. 

 Bff and me played at the arcade and we won this!

This is Lala and Kikir! :D

I know I haven't updated for quite some time. I promise a proper blog post soon! 


Happy Tuesday everyone!