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In 2011.... I will...

Saturday, January 1, 2011 / ,


I know new year resolutions are lame and that no one really
achieve what they planned. (A.K.A ME!)


This time my new year's resolution is SIMPLE. 

I wanna be more girly, buy more make up, do more shopping and enjoy being a young lady!
I'm going to be 19 next year and I only have 2 more years before i have the number 2 in front.

Bring on the make up, dresses, handbags and glitter. 
This girl is back girl-ier than ever! 


My mum gave me these brand new Estee Lauder brushes! Can't wait to try them. :P

In 2010, I got my heart broken because some girl decided to snatch the exbf. 
Whatever, *flips hair*. I'm gonna build my walls again, this time with a second layer
+ extra strong cement and I will come off stronger. Not saying I'm not going to 
fall in love. Just abit more careful and playful. 
;) Bring on the games!

Happnew year lovelies!

Goodbye 2010 and hello 2011!! ♥

Time to party!! 

Here's my new pair of specs. ;)
Just collected it today. Heehee I'm a nerd. :P

Soh Hong Wei said...

Happy new year!! =)

Verythfarhana said...

Thats a cute resolution,really (:

Beth said...

Let's be more girly together!

RynaQUE said...

@Hong Wei: Happy new year to you too! ♥

@Verythfarhana: Thank you dear. Have an awesome year ahead!

@Beth: Yay! Let's be girlier together! BRING ON THE GIRLY STUFF!!!