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Exploring SCAPE! ♥

Saturday, January 15, 2011 / , ,


I went to explore Scape the other time. 
I've NEVER been to Scape and this is actually my first time! 

For the chocolate lovers!

I thought this open space was rather cool. It's at the top level. (Duh!)
I'm thinking of coming back when I'm feeling stressed/down just to scream my lungs out. 

Spotted the poster here! 


A friend took this shot and said it was an artistic shot. 
Hahahaha right. 

Yes! 98.7fm's studio is actually here at Scape. 

Arcade at the X zone. Spotted Joanne Peh here at Scape. 
See the lighting equipments at the entrance? 
I think they were filming stuff there. 

Yes! There's KBOX at Scape. ;)

;) XoXo