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Asian Market Cafe- High Tea

Thursday, January 13, 2011 / ,


If you've seen my Asian Market Cafe Dinner post, then you gotta see this one!

Went to Asian Market Cafe again on the eve of New Year's day. 
This time, my family and I went for the high tea. 

Price: $48 +++

Table for 4. 

Do-it-yourself Laksa. 

Yummy dishes!

Mr Prata!
One cheese prata please. :)

Simple fried rice. 

Fried Bee hoon.

Chicken Ponteh.

Mutton Gulai. 
Love this! Super tasty. :) 

Beef Semur. 
Was so-so for me. 

Chicken tandoori!!
Super nice. Definitely MUST EAT.

Briyani! :)

Dhalca. I don't know how to spell it. You're supposed to eat it with
the Briyani.

Eating curry is never complete without POPADOM!

Do-it-yourself Char Kueh! :)

First put the nuts, then gravy, then mix it.
After that put the char kueh, beansprouts, pineapple and raddish.
Mix well!

Add more sauce after that!

After that sprinkle more nuts on top!

There you go, your very own Char Kueh!

Do-it-yourself salad.


Chicken noodles. 

Oooh, they also had roasted beef Sirloin the other day!

Yes! My favourite chef was on duty that day.
I found out that his name was Mr Samad. Didn't expect him to be Malay.
Looked like a chinese to me! :P

Isn't he cute?!

They didn't have my favourite grilled fish with sambal that day but uncle Samad
made some just for me! :D Yay! He specially cooked it.

Oh, had a short chat with Mr Samad and I found out that he's Malaysian.
Everyday he goes back and forth from JB to SG. :)

Sushi roll, potato salad and Soba.

Tried Soba for the first time and I really don't like it. :/

Oh! Crab meat soup. Super delicious!

Pancakes! :)

Fruits, must have a balanced diet lah hor. 
*Cough, coughs*

Do-it-yourself ice kacang station!


Oh since it was the eve of New year, there was a baloonist! 
She went around from table to table asking if we wanted any. 
She was so cheerful!!! :)

Lil bro asked for a gun. +.+"

Being a sweet girl, *cough coughs* I asked for a flower!
So sweet right! :)

That's all for this post. I actually enjoyed the dinner one better. 
Dinner is slightly more expensive compared to high tea actually! Food was great as usual.
Like I said, another reason why I like AMC because all the staffs are all very friendly. 
A+ customer service!

:) Happy thursday! 
halalan taiyyiban said...

Hi Rynaque, great pictures. Now I can see what AMC serves... Think I'll try it soon :D