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Happy birthday Ady

Monday, December 20, 2010 / ,


Years ago, we met at Tampines. I gave you a stalk of rose.
It's funny how I bought it for a guy. You must have thought that I was crazy.
 You thought it was fake but it was actually real. I bought for you a red  checkered shirt,
hoping to see you wearing it one day. I'm sure you'll look great in it.

We walked around Afghanistan.
You drank a packet of chrysanthemum tea, i drank soya bean.
I wanted to pay for it, but you didn't allow me. The uncle said,
"Biar abang bayarkan". I made a face and rolled my eyes.
We watched I am Legend at century square, walked, saw an apek,
saw a few cats, looked at the clouds.

Everything was perfect from the moment i look into your eyes till how you kissed me goodbye.

  I gave you a diary with my baby photo in it, in the bus you texted me and said,
"Ayg, your baby photo's so cute!". That were your exact words.
 No one can ever take over as another "ayg".

Remember how you got slapped by your dad cus of me?
Remember how my mum kept confiscating my phone cus she didn't want me to contact you?
 She still remembers you. Amazing right?

I don't know if she still has a bad impression of you but in my eyes you've always been a wonderful man.

Happy birthday my dear.

Though we're far apart, you'll always be in my heart.


-rynaQUE XoXo
Beth said...

I love that you post Happy Birthday entries to people. It's very sweet of you.

RynaQUE said...

Well, he used to be someone special to me, you see. In fact, he still is... ;)