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The Chicken Rice Shop ♥

Thursday, December 30, 2010 / ,


Hello everybody! ♥ 

I know I haven't been blogging, so because I'm nice, 
I'm gonna post some really nice pictures. Hehehehe. 

Went to Vivocity on the eve of Christmas with the bestfriend. 

Initial plan was to eat at Banquet but it was really crowded. 

So, we at at the Chicken Rice Shop!

 We bought the twin set for 2 people so expect LOTS OF FOOD. 

Butter chicken. 
The newest thing on the menu. It's super delish!
There's also like curry leaves. YUMS!

 Honey BBQ Chicken.

 Roasted chicken

Chicken rice, duh. 

 Yummy chilli and garlic! ;)
 Toufu. Yums!
 Pai tee! Super nice.

 Kailan in oyster sauce.

Okay. After that we hanged out at Starbucks Eastpoint. ;)

2 depressed girls, so we wanted to make ourselves happy! Wtf. hahaha

Belgium waffles!

Yay! Happy almost FRIDAY everyone!!!