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The art of being contented...

Sunday, December 12, 2010 / ,

Just finished talking on the phone with Syahmi and just had to blog about this. 
So annoying! After he reads this post he would then claim credit saying 
I had inspiration to blog only because I was otp with hin! Such an idiot! 
Nah, you can claim your credit uh. But nothing in return. Sorry Mimi!! :P

Well, Mimi was complaining to me about his work and
 how much he loves his gf. (a.k.a bike) Ya, ya i roll my eyes every single time
 because I'm not really into motorcycles. How many times have i repeated this? 
To him, its like i discriminate bikers. Wtf no. I just don't fancy bikes! 
I'm not like the other girls who'll like a guy just because he has his own transport. Pfft!

Ok back to my story.. After he complained to me about how he absolutely hates public transport.
He has a bike but on top of schooling, he has to work to pay for the insurance, petrol and all that. 
Then, told him about Adam. A guy, who is actually in the same school as Mimi. 
Republic polytechnic to be exact. Where the hot guys and girls are.
There are in the same school so I can't help but to compare them. Lame, i know.
Apparently, they share the same academic blocks of something, but 
they don't say HI to each other. WTF.

Both guys are cute in their own ways which i will not elaborate as
 it will cause my cheeks to turn beetroot red. Pui! Hahahaha 
Other than that Mimi always likes to make fun of me and calls me fatty and Doraemon. 
So in return irritate the shit out of him. All out of pure cheekiness, 
not because i hate him or anything like that. (PLEASE READ THIS HOR) 
Adam is always so nice and rarely complains/swears or anything like that. 
Never opens up too because maybe he doesn't feel that comfortable confiding 
in a stranger like me. LOL. How would I know? Also, we don't talk much now. 
*cricket, cricket*

The biggest difference? Syahmi is never satisfied about his life. 
He complains about how life could've been easier. He sighs everytime he talks to me. 
Not sure whether I'm a bore or what. 
Adam, in the other hand is thankful and is pretty satisfied with the things he has. 
He's not materialistic. Settles with whatever he has and he puts his little sister 
above everything he has. Cute huh? 
Really a breath of fresh air. At this point in time, i realise, 
most human beings are like Syahmi. Never ever satisfied with our lives.

Maybe the truth is, being contented with your own life is an art. 
Its something you'll grow to appreciate and embrace. Maybe its because as human beings, 
we are NEVER contented. Good, better, best. That's how we rate things. 
We tend to compare ourselves with the people we see around us. 
In our eyes, what we have, who we are is NEVER ENOUGH.
 That feeling sucks. Sucks badly to know you can't get the better of things in life.

You know, like how people can wake up and stand in front of the
 mirror every single day, just being satisfied with what's in the mirror. 
Sure, I do look at myself in the mirror. 

Its perfectly normal to have thoughts like, 
"What if i lost this double chins?"
"What if i go for a plastic surgery and reconstruct my nose?". 

But if i KEEP repeating those questions, then it would just bring me down. 
What kind of nonsense is that? Never ever let yourself down by doing that. 
If you're not confident of yourself, how then do you deal with mean comments from strangers??
From strangers who judge you from your first look? 
From strangers who judge you just by the way you behave?

If you keep questioning yourself/God on why your life 
wouldn't be easier when would you be happy with what you have?
 Don't tell me you are going to live your life being depressed everytime? 

Sure, you mustn't be TOO contented with what you have or else 
you'll never achieve much and will always be someone mediocre. 
But know your boundaries. Know what you are capable of doing.
If you know you can stretch your potential, do it.
But if you keep complaining, why not reflect on those people 
who do not have the same capabilities as you. 
Be thankful for what you have and be happy. 

I've always believed in this. You are your own BIGGEST critic.
 Its time we accept things the way things are try not to complicate things anymore.

 Keyword: TRY.

-rynaQUE XoXo