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To follow or not? That's the question.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010 /

I've always wondered why people choose to follow me on Twitter.
All i do is whine and complain. Hahahaha.
No kidding.

I've also always followed random people on Twitter because my life is boring.
(school-home-school-home) so i thought it would be nice to actually
follow other people, make friends, (and enemies LOL) on Twitter.
Cus supposedly their life is more interesting than mine.
I CANNOT stand people who go around tweeting, "Follow for a follow?".
Honestly, if you're just following people to increase the number of followers,
than it beats the whole purpose of social media.
Also, I've always asked myself if its a MUST to follow back people.
My answer now is NO.
You are not obligated to follow back.
Sure, you can follow back out of courtesy. But then again,
why follow if you're not interested in the person's tweets?

Here are my few reasons why i MIGHT follow back;
1) I like your tweets. Especially if you're honest and bitchy.
Lets face facts, bitchy people make the world an interesting.
2) Your tweets are something i can keep nodding in agreement and relate to.
A.K.A retweet worthy tweets!
3) You're good looking. (I just HAD to put that in Lol.)
Its always nice to see photos of beautiful people lah k. Just no empty vessels please!
4) You're a social media enthusiast, just like me!
5) I am bored and my itchy fingers clicked FOLLOW. :P

Here are reasons why i UNFOLLOW/ DON'T follow back;
1) Your tweets are boring.
"I am going to school"
"I am home"
"Eating Nasi lemak".
Like dude, you gotta let your personality show through Twitter!
2) You follow too little people! I tweet alot so
I don't want you to complain/throw a bitchfit saying i flooded your timeline.
I stand to gain nothing from this kind of drama so I'm not interested. Heh.
3) you keep ranting about things I'm not interested in like your dog,
your favourite Kpop bands (Urgh!), Justin Bieber and...
Yes how much you love your boyfriend.
At first, its sweet. But if every single tweet of yours
is about him then you need to get life.
No one cares.
4) You don't make the effort to reply to my tweets.
At all. Like i actually mentioned the person but
he or she doesn't even bother to reply.
5) You tweet in a language i don't understand!
Like why bother following me if you don't speak English?
And lastly, cos you unfollowed me first! Lol. Childish eh? Nyehhhh.
"Show me a Twitter user who doesn't care about
follower numbers, and I'll show you a liar".

To sum it up, i don't expect you to follow back if i followed you first and
don't expect me to follow back just because you followed me.
If you think i'd like the stuff you tweet, say hi and i might follow you too! LOL.
:) Happy tweeting!