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RockMelt, the new Social web browser

Thursday, November 11, 2010 /


The name itself makes me think of cheese. LOL.
I'm on a diet but I'm hungry. Not sure how this whole diet thing is going to last tho.

I got an email invite from a friend I got to know via Twitter.
Thanks @seraphina22!





:) Now I don't have to open so many tabs because I can have things on the side!
Well its something new and its not really open everyone yet.

The only thing is that Twitter lags abit. If you have more than 1 twitter account,
you can just add the other account. However, you cannot put 2 Fb tabs if you have
2 different accounts. Really annoying. Cos apparently,
according to Facebook, you CANNOT have more than 1 account.

But I like it already!