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How depressing?

Monday, November 29, 2010 /

I'm on the way to school and i realised the only reason why i don't like listening to the songs on my phone is perhaps my songs are all depressing. Now, Stupid in love is playing.

" I may be dumb but I'm not stupid. I'm trying to make this work but you're just such a jerk. Which one of us is really dumb?"

I've always been the kind of girl who would be honest about how I feel. Maybe being too honest and straightforward isn't something good. But i'm just a human being you see? Being honest is just who I am.

If i feel angry, disappointed or just annoyed with my other half, I'd tell him how i feel. I hate keeping my anger to myself. I don't know how the other girls do it, but i just can't. It kills me inside because i can't be patient like the other girls. I'm not the kind who will compromise or "forget things easily".

If you're at fault, grow some balls and admit it. Don't try to pacify me with your sweet nothings cus it WON'T work. I hate feeling this way. Who would ever stand a girl like me?

No one.

Why can't i be demure, patient, quiet when the other half makes me angry like the other girls? Why? Life would perhaps be easier for me. Perhaps its those shows on the tv make me feel this way. I am a strong believer in girl power. No man can ever bully me cus i'm not the kind that will sit down and listen to my other half.

Sometimes I really wonder if I'm a girl. I think I have guts a man hould have. Wtf. I'll make an aweaome man. I'd treat a girl the way she should be treated. I should really consider turning into an awesome butch. Hahahhahahhaha kthxbai.

I'm gonna smile cus i deserve to.

-rynaQUE XoXo