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Tuesday, November 30, 2010 /

So yes, i've decided to take the social media concentration in school.

I realised radio and tv production isn't my thing, also I've always wanted to be part of the malay Tv industry in Singapore. Why? I think the industry lacks youths who are actually interested to make a difference. As usual, we Malays need help and support in every way possible. Advertising has never been my thing. Scratch that.

Now. Its social media. I see faces of people around me cringe everytime i tell them about how i really am interested in Social media. Its amazing. Its like people still do not see the importance of social media despite them being on fb, twitter and blogs. I see so much potential in this baby. Its growing. Growing so fast people don't even realise how social media has affected their lives. Weird.

I know this might sound stupid but I wanna be the first few malay girls to venture into this. Still, i don't know where it'll take me but I'm determined to make it happen! That's how enthusiastic I am. There's quite a few Malay boys who are already taking this step. People like @mhisham and @omgzam are my motivators. I'm so inspired by them!!

My plans of becoming a malay teacher? Still not really certain about it right now. Hahaha maybe it'd just be a childhood dream. I don't know.

So maybe I'm just a girl dreaming cus people say girls belong in the kitchen. (Almost wrote that as chicken wtf! Hahaha. )

Screw those makciks so say that. I'm capable of writing my own destiny.
-rynaQUE XoXo