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Trash Talking about minahs

Monday, October 25, 2010 / ,


Video has already been removed by the user.
So I guess what better way to give feedback than by blogging.
Seriously girls? Hahahah *facepalm*

Well, honestly? I think that video just reflects on how we humans are.
We are never ever accepting of others, especially if they are deemed as 'different'.
When you're 'different', you fuck up. People think you fuck up real bad in life.
Life is about conforming. Media portrays this and that as the right way to be,
once you are different, you gotta be open to criticism.

These kids are young and I bet they learnt their lesson.
Gotta admit young, reckless and pretty naive.
When I was that young I did many stupid things too. LOL

But seriously girls? This mat and minah thing is so last year. Zzzzzz


On behalf of all the boob baring fat girls out there,
better 2 lumps of fats in front than.....
*points at your chest*
none at all!