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So what will make me feel better?

Sunday, October 10, 2010 /


I wish i could be selfless and keep things to myself instead.
But I can't. Somehow I want to let it all out because I know it will make me feel better.
The other day, my mum told me something I wish I never heard.

She said, " Now that you and your good friends are in
different schools, it would be hard to maintain the friendship
because you won't be that close with them anymore.
You gotta be prepared for the day when you'll not be close to each other anymore".

:( I'm disappointed and sad.
Probably the lowest I've felt in months.
If only I live life without expecting things from people,
then maybe I wouldn't feel this depressed.

Today, I question the meaning behind the word friendship.
I've been holding back these tears, I think its time to let it all out.

What a sickening Sunday. :(

Bestfriends are supposed to go through shit together.
Well at least that's what I think.

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Nur Syazwani♥ said...

Hey cheer up babe..All of us are going thru the phase of growing up, and things happens. I admit, we cn never have all the times we ever had..but yknow we cn try..Everyone has problems, and bestfriends understand each other especially when we cnt make time for each other. And when we're busy..I'll nvr forget US. And trust me, i'm feeling just how horrible you are feeling.
And one more thing, it's TRUE that "Bestfriends are supposed to go through shit together", but a GOODfriend wouldn't want to burden her BESTfriend with her own problems that she doesnt even know of..
You know we've been thru this stage before till we quarrelled like shit..but styl, we're still together as BESTfriends.
Thats all i wanna say, please undertand..That is all we have in US now..To understand and to commit. :"D

Beth said...

Hi Que! It's okay to share things, after all, friends are there to listen.. right?

Although I don't make it a point to disagree with people's parents, I think that your mom is wrong. Real friendship can survive all sorts of things: distance, silence (lack of communication), arguments, etc. My very best friend lives in Japan. The last time I talked to her was over February! I miss her terribly and I wish she still lived here but as long as we both care about the friendship, it will definitely survive.

As for friendships that don't survive forever... well, it's not that those people were bad friends (sometimes.., other times friendships end because people suck) but it's just something that's natural. You meet people in life. Some stay, some don't. Just cherish all the good times you had with them so that it wasn't for nothing. :)

I hope you feel better soon! *hugs*