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KFC Roasta Burger

Sunday, October 17, 2010 /


I'm sure you've seen or heard about people talking about the
new KFC burger in town. I think I am one of the last people to
blog or even taste the burger. Okay maybe not.

I love the cool design of the box. Pretty interesting!


Roasta Burger

I like eating my burger layer by layer. Like they say, you gotta
save the best for the last and I was honestly disappointed.
I guess the taste was there, pretty normal.
It's definitely not something I would buy the next time I visit KFC.

Sure, its a healthier version of fried chicken but is it me or it
is just as oily? I saw people tweeting about the burger and they really
liked the taste of the Roasta burger. Weird...

Cliche but true, taste is really subjective after all.

But what do you think?