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Annoying blogshops

Sunday, October 31, 2010 / ,


I've always wanted to blog about this thing but I didn't have the time.

Have you ever came across those grumpy, ill mannered shop owners outside?
I bet you have. Something I cannot stand, ever are shopowners,
who treat their customers like SHIT. Like being rude, not being helpful
enough or you know, just having the bitchy face while serving you.

I thought that only happens in real life because most blogshop owners I know are pretty nice.

Well, I was wrong. I rarely accept FB requests from blogshop owners because I
don't like the fact that most of them use the blogshop name as their FB name and
I won't know who is REALLY the owner of the account. When it comes to my
official FB account, I take privacy very seriously.

Until.... I accepted Ladieslite Shop's friend request.

Fierce Bio.


Facebook page


This status when I printscreened this really caught my eye.
It amazes me how she's so daring to actually post that kind of stuff
when she knows that both her potential and recent customers will read the post.

I think its our right as customers to have expectations of a certain thing
we bought from the blogshop. Seriously, the stuffs she sold weren't DIRT CHEAP.
If it was, then obviously factors like quality will obviously be out of the question.


She is probably, the most ridiculous blog shop owner I've met on the Cyber world.

I don't know how the idea of 'tagging customers on photo' came about,
but sometimes I feel that they get 'free publicity' by doing so.
That's why I made my tagged photos on FB private and can only
be seen by me. :)

I don't know why people still buy from blogshops like this.


What is really amusing is that she knows she's using FB as a social networking tool
to actually market the stuff that she sells but she fails to understand the
whole purpose of a SOCIAL NETWORKING SITE.
Its where feedback and communication takes place,
so I don't see why she has to act in such manner.

Another thing that I wasn't quite happy was the fact that she has
one whole album of particulars of dead buyers on her FB.
If you add her up, you'll be able to see the album and the particulars
of those people who changed their mind about buying from her.

These details include things like name, email address,

I think she's going too far because details like that are supposed to be
kept CONFIDENTIAL and should NOT be up on the net.


In return to remove the their details, she wants $50.
I'm not sure if she's joking but feels like extortion to me.

But in another FB status....


So I guess, she's not really serious about the $50 / $500 since
she can't even tell the difference between the two.

I tried reporting the page but nothing happened.

Please report the page and spread this to your friends!
We should all be aware of blogshop owners like this. :)

The Lipstick Bandit said...


Just wondering if you mind me sharing your entry on my Facebook? Just wanna warn my friends about this blogshop. :)

RynaQUE said...

Hi there! Sure, i dont mind! I myself wasn't aware of such blogshops until i came across this one. Btw i just browsed through your blog. Am surfing via mobie btw and seems like you are a make up junkie! Haha sidetrack abit, i'm such a noob when it comes to make up. :) hope to buy sth fr u soon!

The Lipstick Bandit said...

Thank you for dropping by my blog. :)
Although I dont really post there anymore. That's my "back-up" blog. Here's my "official" one:

I'm not a pro myself. Just addicted to make-up. :)

Crystal said...

oh dear, managed to come across ur blog. and being a blogshop owner myself, it really sucks to see such other owner out there. Really annoys. Hopefully she stopped flooding you!


RynaQUE said...

Hi dear, well after that I deleted her off my friend list. Apparently, she blocked me from the account i was using. :)

Shiqin said...

Hey babe! Is there anyway u have that blogshop owner's email address? Coz apparently the acct was deleted after I've made payment. Pfft! Hope you couild help me out.

RynaQUE said...

Hi Shiqin. I'll email you. :)

Vivian said...

Hi there ! I came across your blog and love how you type out your posts (: I would love to be friends with you ! Shall bookmark your blog X:

RynaQUE said...

:) Thanks dear! <3

Imskill said...

Yeah, I realize that problem a lot with blogshops. Maybe someone should come up with a proper solution for it? Any ideas anyone?

Han Chung said...

I realize that problem a lot. Anyone have any ideas on how to solve the problem? Well, of course it must be fair to blogshop owners too at the same time.