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What does life mean to you?

Saturday, September 18, 2010 /


Life to me means growing up. It means accepting and embracing
yourself eventhough the whole world is talking
behind your back and laughing at you. It means accepting your own flaws
and realising that life isn't about perfection.
Its about realising that the world is full of hypocrisy and
the only person you can trust, is yourself. You might have your friends

and family behind your back, but one day, everything can change.

Only one person can be there for you. Yourself.

Life teaches you to be independent but yet life isn't only about yourself.
Life is about making others happy, about making a difference in someone
elses's life without expecting anything back in return even if it means that one day, you know that he/she wouldn't do the same.

That's life.

Life isn't about expectations.

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