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A recap. Okay, this is turning into a diary. WTF.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010 / ,


Honestly, I thought after Miaxie and the whole NN drama,

it will all be over. But nah, there's more to come. Amazing.

I remembered how I received comments like how childish it was blog
about the whole Miaxie thing. Indeed, it is low and childish.

But you gotta admit, it was funny how she claimed she's Asian,

has been to Singapore and stuff like that.

Not forgetting the whole blog awards images she used on her blog.

(Yes, I still refer to her as Miaxie cos she has a million other

monikers, which I don’t keep track anymore.)

Then there was this Naddo girl who tipped me off about

Miaxie’s pictures. At first she was nice to me, talked to me on Twitter

But she wanted to remain anonymous. I totally get it, she didn’t want to get too involved.

Then after some time, she blocked me off Twitter and stopped replying to my text messages via SMS.

Why? She left me with so many questions.

Honestly, I was so disappointed. But well, that’s life.

People come and go. I never knew her personally but I thought she was really nice.

Ah, I hate it when people leave me with questions! Pfft.
Stop asking why lah Que. Maybe she had her own reasons.