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Day 02, My childhood friend(s)

Thursday, September 2, 2010 / ,


Okay, before I start on today's post, there has been a few changes
to The 30 Day Blog Challenge.
Sadali, and me, will be
'exchanging' topics for both the whole 30 days.
This means that he has to blog about all the 30 topics
I gave him and I have to do the same.
& you know what's the best part?
We'll only reveal the topics on the day itself.


So today's post is......


*Stay tuned!*

Hehehe, I just escaped from blogging about my crushes!


Okay, so.... This is my first childhood friend that I wanna share with you :)
My mum & his mum are bestfriends and I guess this means,
that I've known him all my life. We were in the same primary school,
then the same secondary school but we're in different schools now.

I remember how my family would go over to his house
during the holidays and whenever, and I would play with
him and his brothers. Just so you know, I used to be a tomboy.
LOL. I was a lonely kid, I had no siblings to play with,at that point of time.

I only had a younger brother when I was in primary 1.
That explains the loneliness bit, I guess so I guess playing with the boys
was one of the choices I have. I remember how they had
so many toys at their house and I had fun playing
Power Rangers and stuff like that.

But its funny I guess. Ever since we grew up,
we never once talked to each other. Trust me. We would just ignore each other
like we were strangers. I guess, somehow, we were strangers.
We were childhood friends who in time became strangers.

Funny huh?

So without him, I guess, I wouldn't have anyone to blog about.
Sad kid :(


PS:// He's not even on my Facebook friend list.


This is Afifah. I knew her since I was in Primary 2 through religious classes.

[[Yaya, dammit, I am not that religious but yes, I went for classes.
Sheesh, do you haters HAVE to find fault with everything I do/say?!?!]]

We were never close at first, but after that, we got closer
and coincidentally, we ended up in the same Secondary school!

It was sooooo coincidental.
Here's what happened....

I called her up days after getting my PSLE results,

"Eh Afifah, which school are you applying for?"

"Pasir Ris Crest Secondary"

"OMG Are you serious?! Me too!"


We're now in the same poly too, and the business block is just next to mine.
Everytime I bump into her, I'll scream AFIFAHHHHHH!
I'll just feel so happy to see her.

We used to share Oreo cookies in the school bus.
Those were the times...

Well, then. Until next time.

HEH, Sadali's topic for the day is his All time favourite song!
So visit his blog too right?

XoXo, RynaQUE