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DAY 5, A Lesson Polytechnic life has taught me...

Monday, September 6, 2010 / ,


So really, where do I start?


Polytechnic life has been amazingly lifechanging. That's for sure.

Well, lets start with how I was back in secondary school days.
I had strict parents, eh wait. I still do. LOL.
I was the kind of girl who would go back straight after school,
and not gallivant here and there.
(Eventhough if my mum reads this, she'll insist that I gallivant alot. LOL)

But no, really. I wasn't the kind of person who would talk to random strangers.
I guess, I had the courage to speak up when the time is right,
but I was still in my own shell, still uncomfortable to step out
of my own shadows.

But honestly, polytechnic life is different.
Its like, if you don't choose to step out of your own shadows,
then you'll lose out big time. I guess, its obvious that I'm more confident
of myself now compared to secondary school days.
Secondary school days was bullshit.
Really. I remember how childish the boys in my class was.
They'd try to play tricks on me and I remember how devious their
faces were. They had no respect for others and they think
that its fun laughing at others misery. Woohoo!
Lets see how far you'll go and how successful you'll be. Really.

In Poly, I learnt to be comfortable in my own skin.
I learnt to be myself. The way I talk, the way I express myself
and the way I dress. Its obvious that this girl is completely
different from the girl you saw in Pasir Ris Crest Secondary.
I wasn't the same girl cooped up in her study room.
I am no longer the girl who would put up with any of the shit
people would give me. Now, I'd fight for what I believe in.
I'm done pleasing people my whole life and this time I don't give a fuck.

& boys, this time if you think its funny to replace my chair with a broken chair
thinking it would be fun to see me fall, I'd break your face.
I mean it.

I'm still finding my true self. I'm getting there. Yes I am.
XoXo, with ♥