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A 500 word essay....

Monday, September 13, 2010 / , ,


Twitter is where you get to see the almost raw side of me. Well, almost. Just by 140 characters, I get judged as annoying, whiny, irritating, ignorant, downright offensive and.....the negative adjectives never stops. Well I’m not denying any of those claims actually. IMHO, better honest and straightforward then being a hypocrite. Having a public twitter account also means creating talk for the haters.
‘Hate me or love me, you’re still talking about me’.
Such a lame line but you know this is true.

Posting my picture on your blog, talking behind my back on twitter (Well considering I’m not following you so you’re talking about me ‘behind my back’) and just bitching about me to your friends, all that is good for me my dear cos no matter what, you and your group of friends keep coming back to my blog every now and then. The more you talk about me, the more you direct other people to my blog and that contributes to my blog traffic. I’m sure you’re smarter than that. Thank you for that.

People can talk all they want, but they are just strangers. They don’t mean a thing to me and they’ve either never met me or have never ever dared to express such hatred in my face. Never. The most someone said to me years ago was, “Why you don’t want to exercise ah?” But then again, that was just a question. Not hatred.

What makes you think that you know me well enough? You’ve never met me; you’ve never even had a decent conversation with me. So what makes you so sure that I don’t have ‘nice personality’? I think I have a pretty decent personality. Not nice, not excellent just plain decent. “You would know this if you analyse the big picture and realise that I'm nice and civilised to people most of the time”. I’m sorry I had to steal your line but it goes the same for me.

Since you stay around Tampines, I bet one of these days you’ll definitely see me around. If you do, don’t forget to say Hi and express your dissatisfaction in my face. Better still; maybe take a picture or two so that you can upload it on your blog since you’re always so keen of promoting me. Don’t worry, I’m friendly.

Sidenote: Thank you Beth. This post would not have been possible without you. Thank you for always having faith in me.

PS: // I’ve seen you with your other half at Simpang Bedok once but I didn’t approach you because you were having your dinner. Maybe I should have eh, so maybe you could have spat in my face or something. Yummy! BTW just so you know, this is not a comeback post. It is just a simple honest 500 word essay I wrote to convince you the more you blog/tweet about me, the more you’re promoting ME! ME LIKEY! Shameless yes but you know it is true.

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Ms Que.

500 words

Beth said...

Aw! You took that hearts thing off. :(

You're right! Even though it's sometimes difficult to hear people say less than nice things about you, they're still spending their time talking about you which means that you mean SOMETHING to them. :9

*hugs* Keep your chin up and don't let anyone get you down! :)