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Tuesday, August 31, 2010 /



Researchers showed a picture to the females,
only 59% of them said that they would go after him
after they heard he was SINGLE.

When the same photo was shown to a different
group of women, but this time, under info he was
ATTACHED, 90% of the women would go for him.

Shocking? I think not.
Well, maybe for me I've seen so many cases of girls trying
to 'steal' someone else's boyfriend. AHEM.
However, eventhough it doesn't surprise me,
I feel kind of loserish because I've never gone after someone
who's attached.

(Well, there was one exception, but he was a totally different story.)

Other than that, I don't go for guys who are attached.
In fact, when I know that he's attached, my 'radar of attraction'
will go on Standby mode. LOL.
Ya ya, I'm part of the loserish 10 % of women
who don't find attached men, attractive.

PS:// I think, my life is quite an open book. Sure there are restrictions here and there,
there are certain things, I choose not to blog about (if it isn't obvious enough)
like my family and relatives.
So here goes.

Yes, I've always been the jealous type.
I've always been the clingy, insecure girlfriend.
& I'm not really comfortable with having my boyfriend
having many 'girl friends'. LOL. Why?
Because honestly, I don't trust men and fellow girls.
At least, I'm being very honest here okay!

So girls, firstly make sure you keep an eye on your man.
Sure, you gotta trust your man, but to an extend.
But one thing you should remember is never trust your fellow girlfriends.
EVEN, Your closest friend.

Unless of course, you're friends with a girl like me who's ugly
and who doesn't find
attached men attractive.

Other than that, beware!

Until next time,

PS:// I've always believed that happiness built on someone's sorrow
will never last but I guess I was wrong. Life's never fair, is it?

Source of study from Oklahoma State University.

Beth said...

I remember reading something that said women prefer attached men because another woman already finds them ideal--that means they have good, appealing characteristics and therefore minimizes the work you have to do trying to find a "good guy". The thing is, some girls like assholes so.. lol what if someone tries to steal someone else's asshole boyfriend? xD

rynaQUE said...

Yup! Correct. Single ladies prefer them cos they've been 'pre-screened' by another lady. Means that they are committed and stuff like that. However, if they try to steal someone's bf and.... just her luck that guy's a jerk, then I say, Serve her right! LOL