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I just had to repost this.

Thursday, August 26, 2010 /


Due to some personal reasons I had to remove this post for a while.


We've been saying it alot. In fact, we loveee saying it.
But do we even know what it means?
Seriously? You don't?
Then why are you even using it?
I bet we all know it means sexual intercourse and it can also be used
as an insult. But do you know the story behind the term Fuck?
Don't fret, cos you know I'm here to tell you!
Well.... In the olden days, long long time ago in England (I think),
people were not allowed to have sex, unless, you were part of the royal family.
So, if one wanted to make babies, they had to seek
consent from the king.
This whole act was called,
Fornification Under the Consent of the King.
Also known as... FUCK.
Not only that, they will be given a piece of paper with
those words on it and this paper was to be pasted on their door outside
while they were busy making babies!
Feeling smarter now? HEHEHE.
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