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Finally. Something to blog about!

Sunday, August 8, 2010 /



Last week, I was given the privilege to sit inside
a classroom with a few kids in it.
My bestfriend was supposed to teach them to make a puppet,
and it was quite an eye opener for me.

I've never been good with kids, especially stubborn ones.
Maybe because I am one of them.
I remember how someone said I was being too fierce
with kids that I scare them.
Boohoo. ~~

So really. Do i wanna be a teacher after getting this diploma?
Its not too late to turn around and get into teaching.
Well, like what they said...
If you can't, teach.

Seriously. I think being a teacher means
you get paid to be a hypocrite.
Like a really pesky hypocrite all your life
just because you are a teacher.
I hate the part when you gotta make sure you behave well,
set a good example for your students and stuff like that.
However, we all know that the prospects of being a teacher is motfkg good.

Oh well. But then again.....
If i become a teacher, I gotta make sure whatever footprints
I leave on the cyberworld are good footprints.
No more being...... ME.

Nooooooooo. That will not happen.....