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Open our eyes, ears and ♥ to local music.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010 / ,


I've never been an avid follower of local music.
Okay maybe yes. This would be like people such as
Taufik Batisah and......... okay, okay. Maybe just him.
*Hides in shame now*

Like any other typical Singaporean, we all have the same mindset.
We give excuses like local music can't go far, local music sucks
and the worst excuse by far I've heard, is that Singapore has NO TALENT
just because we are a tiny red dot.

Its amazing how narrow minded we Singaporeans are.
If only we opened our eyes, ears and hearts,
we'd realise that local music actually has great potential.
We've got awesome bands which are rising by the moment,
but all they need is rather, support from us.
Something that we'll never understand unless we ourselves are local musicians.

For the last 2 weeks, I went to watch Clash of the Bands at SP.
I've never watched any local bands perform, mind you.
(Maybe Electrico, like once, ions ago.)

And boy, it was just breathtaking.
It was an eye opening experience for me.
Some bands were really polished and when they were up there on
stage, I kept asking myself why I never bothered listen to their songs.
The whole 'Local music has no future' mindset has got to go.
Singapore is a cosmopolitan city so I think its about time we open up
and accept new talents.

Shall we?

Right to be Wrong, by Catalogue V.

This song is amazing and it has been in my head for dayyys!
I even made a cover.
Sorry for the shitty vocals.
Social suicide, I knowwww.

I believe there is talent here in Sg. Its time we embrace those talents.


Till the next time I give you
Something to Ponder On.
beth said...

LOL OMG why is Sully making that face? I dont remember!

I liked your cover of the song! Keep on singing. :)