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"Sorry miss, your fly is open"

Sunday, May 23, 2010 /


If you've been following me on Twitter,
you would have known about this incident.
(If you haven't followed me, what are you waiting for?
Red carpet is it? Hehehe.)

Well, i was on the train on the way home yesterday and guess what?
A lady in front of me didn't zip her pants.
She looked really exhausted, that's for sure.

I wanted to tell her but it would have been rather awkward for the both of us.

So I decided to.....

"Sorry but please check your pants.
Your fly is open".


That's what I did.
Shake your head in disbelief cos sometimes I too, find myself ridiculous.

She alighted at Kembangan station and yours truly, followed her,
tapped her and gave her that note.

She was smiling when I gave her that note.
(Of course before reading it!)
I said, "Uh, please read this. Thanks!" and I quickly walked away.
As fast as my legs could.

It would be even more awkward if I stood there
and see her reaction after reading the note right!?!

I don't know what happened after that though.
Let's just pray she understood my note.

So who else forgot to zip their pants????


Yeah, apparently Brad Pitt. :/

So readers, would you ignore or
tell the person if you were to face the same situation?

Nic Shields said...

Someone told me to my face that my pants was unzipped, It was very awkward for me, but me being me I made a big show of it and turned it into a game. The "You won't notice me zip my pants back up game, and I won!" I did it without them noticing, but yeah you should tell someone always, It's not rude It's courteous.

Beth said...

Sometimes I think people would get upset (mostly out of embarrassment and they wouldn't know how else to react) but I think you did a good thing. Sometimes I forget to zip myself up =___=;; and when I discover later, I scold all my friends for not telling me. XD It's much better to feel stupid for a minute than walk around like that all day! :|

rynaque said...

LOL! I like your reaction. :) Yeah i agree that its being courteous.

rynaque said...


Beth said...

Oh I forgot that I wanted to comment, just last month Katy Perry's fiance Russell Brand was caught leaving his/her (not sure) house with his pants unbutton and unzipped. Lol! At least the woman you saw had her button on right? :P

@avnjl said...

I would tell them. Like straight in their face.
Had this once, this guy was sitting on the train seats, slouching big time, with legs WIDE OPEN!!!! and guess wat, SAMA! Kopitiam open...

I happen to be sitting opposite him, so I stood up, tap him on his WIDE OPEN Thigh and told him, "Your zip is open"

:D *yes I know I very bad. :D
But hey, someone has to do it right?

Ladies easier, cos you know you wanna protect each other's modesty, so, if you have a book then can help her cover cover, stand closer then tell her to quick quick zip.

Sorry la, not I like to see, is as a teacher I must keep a look out for my little boys know... :X

Amanda (#tweettuesday)