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Singlish ah.... Velly good one lor!

Saturday, April 17, 2010 / , ,



One may conclude that our Singlish is Kanasai,
however, its simple, short, concise, straight to the pointb
and very very very effective.
Some more ah... If we know how to speak in Singlish
and English, we can communicate with many many people sia.


When giving customers bad news.....
Standard English: I'm sorry, sir. It seems that we do not have
the sweater of your size in stock at the moment.
Standard Singlish: Bo stock!

When returning a call.....
Standard English: Hello, this is John Travolta.
Did anyone call me a few minutes ago?
Standard Singlish: Harro! You call me ah?

When asking someone to make way....
Standard English: Excuse me, I would like to get by.
Would you please make way?
Standard Singlish: Siam leh!!!!

When someone stares at you....
Standard English: What is it you're staring at?
Standard Singlish: See what see?!

When someone is being too noisy.
Standard English: Please stop talking so loudly.
Standard Singlish: DIAM LAH!!!!

See, Singlish is not so bad lor.
In fact ah, I think Singlish let us communicate very very well liao.
What you think ah??
You sureee agree with me right!

Actually ah.
I know this African American girl and she claims to have lived in Singapore.
And I tell you ah.....
When she speak Singlish, she sound damn stupid lor,
cos she don't know how to use Singlish correctly.


Burned, bitch!
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PS: Thanks to Joe for sending me this joke, via text message. lol Pictures, Images and Photos

This angmoh speaks very very good Singlish lor!
I'm sooo impressed. :P
MrRollies said...

that angmoh speak nicely !!

CHEESE said...

OMG totally agree with the Singlish part. And that dude is EPIC

rynaque said...

HAHAHA The shan and rozz one?? TOTALLY SIA.

Anonymous said...

singlish is not a standard language sorry.