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Online relationships?

Monday, April 26, 2010 /



Its funny how some people treat online relationships seriously.
In fact, I think its not funny. Its just plain weird and stupid.
I mean, if you don't meet each other, don't contact each other often,
how can you even regard the rshp to be a serious one?

This kind of things should be common sense.
We all know online relationships are only serious if you take the relationship
to the next level, which basically means meeting up.
So if the person you're 'in a relationship' with got attached to someone else,
it wouldn't be his/her fault anyway.

Cos of the simple reason I used to never understand.
How can he/she love you when you've never met?

BTW I just ranted this shit for fun. HEHEHEHE.
Why are some girls soooo stupid?
Fancy giving their heart away so easily eventhough they haven't met.