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Ju-On: White Ghost and Black Ghost

Saturday, April 17, 2010 / , ,


I don't know what I really like horror movies when I know
I that I get scared very easily.
Maybe the truth is, I really like the thrill of
screaming in the cinema. Hehehe.

I didn't know that the Black Ghost and the White ghost
were 2 different movies,
so paying $6.50 for student price for 2 movies is
absolutely worth it!

However, I don't like the fact that some subtitles
were not really clear when placed in front of a white background.
It gets freaking annoying when the characters are talking
and I don't understand a single thing.

Both movies used the Flashback sequence technique
making it more dramatic. However,
at the same time, sometimes it gets quite confusing too.
After some time, you'll get used to how the ghost will appear
and it'll all be like a whole same cycle.
Is it just me or the sound of the ghost gets irritating after some time???

Overall, it was an average movie.
:D 3/5
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And I'm looking forward to
Nightmare On Elm Street in May!

Beth said...

Oh my god, wanted to watch these so bad. My childhood idol, AI Kago, plays the nurse... I love her. ; ; So jealous right now, you know?

rynaque said...

Why not try to look for it online??