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Complicated men.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 /


"It's just that guys at this stage want to
take on the world and meet new people everyday.
Guys who are eager to commit are probably in their late
20s,or are dating really hot girls and wanna tie them down immediately."

Please eh, thats what a boy said to me.
I don't know if it applies to all boys.
But coming for his mouth, I can confirm and guarantee chop
say that it applies to him.
Guys always say that we girls are very complicated,
but I don't think we are the complicated ones.
In fact, I think the more complicated species of human beings
are,,,,,,, men.
Well, at least in my eyes.

I mean, one moment you say you like us,
the other moment you're ignoring us.
What the fuck is going on in that head of yours man?
You say you like us, but you don't want to be serious with us.
Then what do you really want?
Who's the complicated one here?


Look at this guy, after a few months, he recently
chatted with me on Facebook.
He asked me why I didn't contact him.
I said I deleted his number.

(Well, bf and me deleted unwanted number's on
our phones together, you see. :))

Then he(the chatter above) replied. "Yeahh, I know who I am to you".
I replied sarcastically, "I'm glad you know".

It wasn't my intention to be mean, but when facing guys like this,
we just have to be straightforward.
Let them feel the pinch!
The ruder, the better!
*Flicks hair*

Ends of with, a bitchy look for you.
Bitchy enough?