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Chatroulette, Omegle

Friday, April 16, 2010 / , ,


I was really bored yesterday so I decided
to log into Chatroulette and Omegle.
I mean, it was all in the name of good fun, right?

I kept nexting people and I got to see
people from Turkey, Germany, California and yada yada yada.

Here are some of the people I saw yesterday.

The masked...


This dude is full of mystery.
He just stared the camera without saying Hi,
and kept quiet..... until, I nexted him. Heh.

Then I saw this pudgy looking Chinese guy....
The Duane Ho lookalike.


He started to dance in front of the camera,
shaking his ass and just acting sexy in front of the camera.
Boy.... I was shocked and yet amazed.
Maybe I should start doing this shit too.
I mean, these people don't know me.
If i start dancing and singing, wouldn't it be cool?

Next person is just a reminder for all of us
that this kind of things do not have an age limit.

Angmoh grandpa....


Eh, your grandpa ah?
I quickly nexted him cos he looks like
a dirty old man.

And last but not least, I saw Molly.


She said I looked hot.
I was like, "Oh my, you have no idea how much fats I have".
Its so ironic cos she said there's alot of pervys there,
yet, she's wearing such skimpy and revealing clothes.

And what's with the online mannerisms?
I don't understand how those pervys I saw,
can even have the cheek to start the convo
with "Boobs please".

How gross and sickening!

And I saw a whole lot of penises today.
I was so tempted to printscreen every single one of them!
Hahahaha However, if I put those kinds of photos in my blog,
then I would have downgraded my blog to a porn site, right?

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