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You no speak English? No?

Thursday, March 18, 2010 / , ,



Soon, MOE will focus on two key areas:
improving the quality of teachers and
enriching the English language environment in schools.

This is because its really obvious that many Singaporeans can't speak
English well. Oh come on, don't have to look so far, our former beauty queen
Miss Ris Low is an example. If thats not enough, surf the web and read those blogs
online by our other Singaporean bloggers. Most can't even differentiate certain words,
don't even know how to use present or past tense correctly.

Even the cashiers in 7 11 and shops like NTUC and others
can't speak in proper English.
Once, I was paying for something in 7 11 and the aunty couldn't even
tell me that she doesn't have small change.
She had to speak in Chinese to some girl behind me
and that girl had to translate whatever she was told in English for me.
What bullshit?

There's no point if MOE tries to change this and that unless
parents also help to make their child realise that English is very important nowadays.
I mean, we all know that everything starts from the home.
Our parents are our rolemodels and if one has parents who speak
more in their mother tongue, their more likely to have children who
grow up to be weak in English.

In order to increase our language competency,
maybe perhaps we should encourage parents to speak more in English
with their children. But.
What if one's parents do not know how to speak in English at all?

Then, THAT, is a big problem.