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The world is so small, no kidding!

Sunday, March 28, 2010 / ,



I bet I am NOT alone on this.
Have you ever asked yourself why the fuck is the world so small?
Why do you people know the people I know?

Like .... My exboyfriend knows my mother. My mother knows your father.
Your father knows my aunty. My aunty knows your grandmother.
Your grandmother knows your ex girlfriend.
Your exgirlfriend knows me.
And I know you.

I just made up that whole paragraph,
but you get my point don't you?

I hate the fact that we keep bumping into people we know.
Where's the privacy that I need?
And the fact that people are very judgemental by nature,

I believe I'm the the only one feeling frustrated here?

Well, this group on Facebook definitely cheered me up!

HEHEHEHE Want to see something?

On my laptop, even rynaQUE is a real world.
And it will automatically change the 'Que' to caps.
HEHEHE. Am I awesome or what? :P