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Singapore Idol 2009

Friday, March 26, 2010 / , , ,


Remember this?


Yes, the winner of Singapore Idol 2009, Sezairi Sezali
and runner up, Sylvia Ratonel.

So I was asking myself, what are the two doing now after Singapore Idol?

If I'm not wrong, Sylvia was on the cover of Cleo magazine some time back.
Now, she's gonna appear on some show on Channel 5 called the Seven Days.

In the news today,
Second runner up of SI 2009, Tabitha Nauser,
will be representing Asia by singing the Youth Olympics
theme songs with other representatives around the world.


Apparently, Singapore Idol judge Ken Lim chose her to represent Asia.
Yes, and representing US is Sean Kingston as you can see.
Its really stupid really, Sezairi isn't given anything? Yet.

He is our Singapore Idol, but no one seems to care.
He's currently serving the National Service but i don't think thats any excuse to not
give him any opportunity to perform. Singaporeans voted for him,
meaning we want to see him on tv, performing.


So is this really fair?
Really? If we don't even support our own talent, how far can our talents go?