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I may be childish but at least I dont around sending threatening texts to my bf's exgf. OWNED. ♥

Wednesday, March 24, 2010 / , ,



I don't understand why people are overly sensitive about what I write.
Be it on Twitter/Blog/wherever else I choose to blogbitch at.
Its really irritating when people choose to hand over your personal mobile phone
number to another person. Thats your mistake.
And come on, Twitter is a place I rant.
Its not like I mentioned your name, saying this and that about you.
And just because you got featured as a student dj for the night,
you wanna talk about achievements with me?
Come on. What achievements do you really have?
You started the talk about achievements, didn't you?
Not me.

Look at the message the stranger sent me.

"Ehy , ppn ! Kau takya nk kutok aku semcm ehy .
Ku peh psl ah nk jadi DJ ke ape ke .
Tk sshkan mak bapak kau pe .
Skali lagi ky dpt tahu kau bikin buat tahi ,
jgn pikir aky nk diam ehy . "

Firstly, no introduction. My dear readers,
that's exactly what she sent. Nothing has been edited.
AT ALL. Not even the punctuation marks.
I really hate receiving this kind of text messages.
Bukan nak cakap ape ah, tapi mak oi,
pemalas sangat ke nak type betul-betul?

Basically because I don't like to decipher this kind of messages.
Took me so long to read this thing.
Its not even typed in proper malay!
That is why I said, the way she texted me really reflected
her level of education.
Well, but no. She couldn't accept what I said.
Somehow, word got passed to the ex and guess what?
He asked me if i said that she had no education?
My words got totally twisted!

And wasn't she threatening me?
Like the next time i said sth bad about her,
she's gonna do something to me.
What are you gonna do? Kill me?

What's new?

Then he said that I have a mindset of a child.
Well, you were once in love with this childish girl too, weren't you? HAH!
If not enough he said to me, "Just be a Bitch for the rest of ur life!"

I may be childish but at least I dont around sending threatening texts to my bf's exgf.

So who's the childish one here?