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SP String Emsemble Concert;

Thursday, February 11, 2010 /


Last Saturday, I went to host my school's String Emsemble concert.
It was held at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts.
So here are the photos. :)

Here's Celest, my co-host.
Working with her was so fun!





And lastly, an act cute photo from me.
HAHAHAHAHA. I did not liquify myself okay!
Merely changed the colour tone.
Okay lah, damn ugly.

Psst, pstt! Have an event?
Need someone to host it? Email me! :P
Beth said...

I love your heart necklace! I have one that looks kind of like it. :)

Hosting an event sounds fun.. definitely you're way more outgoing than I am. I'd get stressed and nervous and sweaty. Haha. :P

rynaQUE Xnizerly said...

Haha Yeaa! I love <3 necklaces :)
Yes! It is definitely fun. Well, at first I feel nervous too. I tend to talk to fast and swallow my words. But I guess, I try to improve everytime i host a new event. :)