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Happy Birthday Beth, Happy Vday to all;

Saturday, February 13, 2010 / ,


Here in Singapore, in just 3 hours, couples would wish each other
Happy Valentines Day.
How sweet?
Well, not only is 14th February, Valentines Day,
but its SOMEONE'S birthday!

It's my reader, who turned into a very awesome friend's birthday!
Yes, she's my reader from Hawaii, USA.
And my blogging journey would have never been this memorable
if not for her!


She not only bought for me my domain,
but also helped to make my current blogskin.
I did a lil tweaking here and there but credits go to her!

Thank you so much for supporting me,
for always backing me up
and being an awesommeeee reader!
I'd love to meet you someday when you visit Singapore!

Here's a video that I recorded specially for you.

I found this photo on Google, and i totally agree with it!

Thank you for everything.
would never have existed if not for you. ♥

To the rest of you, Happy Valentines Day.
Beth said...

Thank you so much for posting this sweet entry! I even cried when I saw the video! ;___; What a good friend you are!