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The Evolution of Epok-Epok

Monday, February 15, 2010 /


What if epok -epok?
Its a traditional Malay kueh that is made from
flour on the outside, and other fillings in the inside.
This kueh is then deep fried and is best eaten when its hot.
Its one thing that I, can NEVER live without.

Traditionally, these Epok-Epok's are supposed to be filled with curry potatoes.
But over time, our fingers itch so much and we humans, decided
to try other fillings, such as the famous Epok - Epok Sardine.
*Dont ask me why its 550 YEN. I got this pic from Google*

There's also Epok-Epok Sayur, which is filled with beansprounts and
other vegetables. Its supposed to be eaten with Chilli Sauce, but I am not a fan.

Personally, I'll choose Epok-Epok Sardine over Curry
because I ♥ it.

These Epok-Epoks used to be sold
for 3 for $1 at most coffeeshops.
But now, I don't understand why I have to pay
40 cents or even 50 cents for 1 piece of Epok-Epok!
What the fuck is happening here?
Fucking atrocious Epok-Epok sellers!

Now, these smart Epok-Epok sellers even have a new product!
Its called Epok-epok Bawang, (Epok-epok filled with onions)
AND Epok-Epok Angin
(Epok-Epok filled with air, which basically means EMPTY!)

Well, its sad that most sellers only want to earn profit
and are not valuing quality over substance.

Now, we even have Old Chang Kee selling
Epok-Epok at $1.20. So fucking expensive!
And if that's not enough, they've introduced Mushroom Chicken Epok-epok.


Sorry man, but I'm not a fan.
It's really stupid, just like introducing Spaghetti Epok-Epok.
Epok-Epok is supposed to be a traditional kuih,
and having Mushroom Chicken, seems like you're adding something
Western into a traditional Malay recipe.

Do you know of any place that sells AWESOME Epok-Epok Sardine?
Email me.
I'm going for an Epok-Epok Hunt.

& Lastly, why the fuck do you Malaysians call Epok-Epok, Karipaps?
Kindly do not confuse the two.
Its almost the same, but its different!

This is a karipap!
It's either rectangle or triangle and

Credits to the photos I found on Google.

Well, that's how Epok-Epok has evolved through the years.
Beth said...

Karipap looks flakier than epok-epok, like it's made with phillo-dough or something. Both look quite delicious, though!

I like your new background... :) Did you want to change the banner to match as well? :))

rynaQUE Xnizerly said...

:) Thanks! Yeaaa! Karipap is flakier.
Well, for the banner, I plan to leave it as it is first. Maybe I'll take more photos of myself, with the help of my friends maybe a mini photoshoot or something, then I'll do another banner. Maybe make it a ritual to change it every 3 months or sth? Haha I'm not sure yet. The background is actually for my project. But i figured, why waste? Haha its done by my friend Sadali btw :)