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Proud to be Malay

Sunday, December 13, 2009 / , ,


Last week, on the 7th december 2009, I commemorated my own
"I'm proud to be a Malay" Day.


I wore my Malay traditional costume to school,
yes, all the way to Dover.

I'm sick and tired of hearing people say,
"I'm embarassed to be a Malay".

I'm really sick of it.

If you're a Malay and all you can do is to be
embarassed of your own race,you should kick yourself in the balls.
If there's Malay blood in you, and your IC states that you're a Malay,
you jolly well accept the fact that you're a Malay.

People look down on us, they say we Malays are stupid.

People say, we won't succeed.

then prove it to everyone that they are wrong.
No point being embarassed, cos no matter how much you feel ashamed,
it won't change the fact that you're a Malay boy/girl.

& that day, there was a Malaysian guy on twitter
who was asking why I only tweet in English and not Malay.
He said something like I was "speaking omputeh",
which means, I speak in English.


Oh please, doesn't mean if I always tweet in English means that
I do not know how to communicate in Malay.

Its a beautiful languange and I bet most of you will agree that
it's one of the easiest subjects to pass in primary and sec school.
Even the government encourages us to be bilingual.

I was looking around facebook and I found this photo of a friend.

I bet you can sense how proud she is to don the silat uniform.

We should follow her example.
We Malays should stop looking down on each other.
Its time to work together, show everyone else that we too can succeed.
Show them that we are proud to be Malays.

If you are proud to be a Malay, why not wear our traditional costume for a day?
After that, take photos of yourself and blog about how you feel.
Or, maybe simply blog about how you feel to me a Malay.
And after that, send me your permalink via email @

I'll gladly feature you in my blog :). ♥

But if you choose not to heed my advice,
and still continue to be embarassed,
I can only say one thing,
the phrase "Takkan Melayu hilang di dunia" by Hang Tuah,
just won't be valid anymore if this keeps up.

Thanks to Syafinah for allowing me to use her photo.

Enjoy this video!
Truth said...

Yeah, so why pretend to have such a non-Malay name like RynaQue. Bet your real name is something like Aminah or Salmah. BTW, sampan is Chinese for '3 pieces of plank'. Retard! Hippocrite!

rynaque said...

Hi there Truth,
RynaQUE is just a moniker I use online. And yes you are right. My name is Salmah. :) hehehe. Its not wrong to have a moniker right? Ryna came from my name. And my name starts with the letter Q. So when I put it together, it becomes RynaQUE. Origins of the nickname came from my REAL NAME. :)