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The type of people you might meet online;

Sunday, October 4, 2009 /


RynaQUE’s guide to the types of people you might meet online.

1) The desperados (in terms of relationship)
Who? These are the people who are looking for love online. They don’t mind jumping into a relationship because of the fact that they are very desperate for some loving from someone. These kind of people give love a bad name because I believe that LOVE, should be something sincere and it’s really not something you can force. Love comes naturally and it shouldn’t be taken for granted like this.

An example:

2) The desperados (in terms of sexual needs)
This kind of people can be found mostly on chat sites like Alamak. The most irritating people you’ll ever meet. It’s easy to spot these species of people because they will start with the typical questions like… “Are you a virgin?” “What’s the most extreme you’ve done with your ex?” “Do you have a webcam?” This species of people will end up being ignored and eventually blocked by me on MSN. Why? Because I’m not cheap like the rest of the girls they’ve met.

An example:

3) The guy with the band
Most girls find guys with a band cool and hot. Thus, these species of humans normally will take photos with their bands either jamming or with their guitars so that people will know that they have a band. *with hopes of impressing the girls they meet online*. Not only that, these species of people will try to ‘promote’ their bands by asking the girl to join their fanpage of Facebook and also help to spread the word about their bands. (*rynaQUE rolls eyes*) If you think I’m talking referring you, please, I’m NOT! I don’t have time to even blog about you.

4) The one who only looks good in photos
With technology being so advanced, with Photoshop being created, ALL OF US, no matter how ugly we are CAN look good in photos. I belong in this category! Come on, most photo’s aren’t even “real” nowadays. Looking good is so easy with photoshop, cos I can easily remove my pimples. Not only that, I can play with the brightness and contrast of my photos to make my complexion fairer and nicer. People who have ugly and discoloured teeth can look good by choosing to take photos without showing off their teeth. Simply, just hiding our flaws, we can look really good. Even top bloggers like Xiaxue admits that most of her photos are heavily photoshopped to make her even better looking than she already is.


You must be tripping of you think I look like that 100% of the time.
I’m so much uglier than that!

5) The people who are bored
This people fall in the category of people who make friends online for the sake of making friends. They will just ask for your number after chatting with you on MSN, and then after a few weeks or so, they will delete your number and totally forget you. & when you meet them online again, they don’t remember you and will ask you to “intro” yourself again. Orang melayu kate, Semangat seminit je nak kenal2 ngan orang. Or, what I always say, people nowadays are so insincere about friendship that it is taken for granted and treated in a “TOUCH AND GO” way. Pfft!

I guess that's it for now! :)