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Stage performance workshop by inwardBOUND

Friday, October 9, 2009 / , ,


Last week from the 30.09.09 till the 02.10.09 a group of us from
Singapore Polytechnic attended a 3day workshop conducted by inwardBOUND Singapore.
This company was founded on the philosophy of transformation through drama.
Most of us didn’t know each other well. We came from different CCAs such as
Sang Singa Purba,Malay Language Society, Chinese music group, Taiko drums, Symphonic Band, Choir and not forgetting my CCA,
the Singapore Poly Student Comperes.

As usual, people will ask us what we do as Comperes because many are unfamiliar with the term ‘compere’. Well, in our cca, we host events most events around Singapore Poly.
Yes, we're also known as emcees. :)

We were lucky to have 4 very talented and charismatic facilitators guiding us
throughout the 3 day workshop.
Here. Take a look!


Our beloved instructors are those indicated with the ♥
Thank you Nora, Ros, Jo and Umi for the wonderful experience!
I bet all of us will make full use of the knowledge you have imparted in us.

On the first day, we started with ice breaker games as usual.
We were divided into 3 groups.
The greenies, the orangees, and the yellowies.
You get what i mean, dont you?
It was awkward at first because most of us didn't know each other,
or should i say, we've never seen each other EVER!


Madelyn found someone like herself! :D

After that, we went to our respective venues to get started on the workshop.
My group, the orangees, started with the
'Acting and improvisation' class.

Ros was awesome. She was dramatic and confident of herself.
I very much like the way she carried herself throughout the 3 days.
She taught us how to be more creative.
We were expected to point to something and improvise
and yes, basically act!


Then, we were supposed to act out a scene at a restaurant
and it had to end with "I have a confession to make".
See above photo. :)

After lunch, we came back and had the
'Controlling your voice' class.
This section was conducted by Jo. She taught us how to warm up, the
liproll way and also breathing techniques. Basically, all this was important
so that one can project his or her voice the right way. It was fun
as we also experimented on how to read advertisement texts and
news broadcast text, the classy way, the sexy way, the prim and proper way
and etc.


The next day started with the
"Building your confindence" class with Umi and Nora,
which Mal thinks i need the most. -_-
Norah asked us about who we see as our rolemodel in life,
how far we were from being like our rolemodel.

My answer was simple.
My role model, is my mum.
She's a working mum, yet she's a superwoman.
She cooks,cleans and at the same time, she's taking her Masters and is also working.
What amazes me is that she's able to cope with all that with much ease.
I might never be able to do that.
She's smart and capable and she's a determined mum,
unlike me, i give up easily.
One day, I'll prove to every single one of you that I'm able to
pursue my dreams and I'm gonna make my parents very proud of me.
Just wait and see.

Taking down notes!

After that, we were given like 2 hours to devise a performance for ourselves.
What kind of performance?
One that involves a band, an emcee& an acting scene,
somewhat like a variety show. We weren't given much time
and on the last day, we were expected to perform it at
Theatre@moberly in front of guest judges,

We practiced and practiced.
Frequently changed our plans.

Sky practicing!

Madelyn was warming up the crowd with a game of

The abusive drama scene
Typical Suria drama right?
But i likeeeeee! ♥

There was even a MAGICIAN!
Cute stuff right?
He even brought his own make up kit. :P

Don and Drew commenting on the performances.

Let me present to you the person in charge of the workshop.
He even bought for us tidbits! :D

Johnny was invited up on staged. :)

Is it me, or does Drew look sooo cute!

Then the magician and Mr Sexyphonist was invited up
on stage again by Don & Drew to open th present!

Overall, I bet all of us enjoyed ourselves.
It was awesome and it was a good opportunity to learn & make new friends.
& it wouldnt be complete with a
GROUP PHOTO am i right? :D


With LOVE,
the orangees. ♥